Visiting Pompeii with Kids and a Stroller

road trip 2015

To celebrate the new year, we took a fun road trip down south and visited a bunch of new cities with Auntie Jenny.

Visit Pompeii with Children

pompeii ruins (scavi di pompei)

We loved Pompeii! The Pompeii roads might have been great for riding around in chariots, but they be super bumpy bumpy, SO not built for modern day strollers.

bringing a stroller? plan ahead!

If you’re planning a trip to Pompeii with small kids plan accordingly. Note that it’s not impossible to visit with a stroller… but, be prepared for some heavy lifting.

heavy lifting

We had a lightweight umbrella stroller with us and in the harder to maneuver patches, we just took Julienne out and folded it up.

Visit Pompeii with Children

our little archaeologist

If at all possible, bring your smaller children in a backpack style carrier or have them walk and explore on foot. Julienne had a blast finding her own archeological finds in the ruins! Plus, you can always check the stroller at the front desk.

we did it!

Yeah! Julienne survived the Pompeii experience in a stroller and lived to tell the tale, so whichever way you go, enjoy! Pompeii is definitely a must see.

free admission

Quick tip: starting 2015, every first Sunday of the month, all ruins, historic sites and museums in the area are free admission.

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  1. An excellent trip even if it was a little more slow going and arduous with the stroller. Amazing that there’s a full cafe and restrooms up at the ruins.