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My name is Jacqueline Ahn aka Jackie and I am an internet addict. Nothing nefarious, but you know how it is…you start off googling a specific recipe for the best carrot cake and before you know it, you’re reading about new wordpress plug-ins and several hours have gone by. I’ve always been known in my family and circle of friends as the one to turn to for information. The internet is my playground where I can fall through the rabbit hole of links and come out of the other side with the information I was looking for, plus other cool things I’ve found along the way.

I love combing through information, filtering it down and then sharing what I find. This blog is just a way for me to share with a larger audience. I’ll be writing about what I am personally interested in, so topics will tend to vary depending on what’s on my mind: Beauty & Fashion, Food, Italy, Technology and Motherhood.

Hope you find something here that inspires you : )

For all collaboration, media and general inquiries please contact: hello@jforjackie.com

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