McDonald’s Breakfast in Italy

Mcdonald's Breakfast in Italy

Mcdonald's Breakfast in Italy

Egg McMuffin get in my belly!

Mcdonald’s in Italy announced that they are now serving breakfast (pancakes, bagels, egg mcmuffins oh my!) from 5:30 to 11:00am. We arrived at the Santa Maria Novella train station at 10:55am and they were pretty much out of everything. I felt like screaming Michael Douglas style, “ahhh breakfast should be served all day long”! They had one last bagel con omelette (egg and cheese) which I ate even though it was a cold, soggy mess. Major fail.

Lesson learned: If you want Mcdonald’s breakfast in Italy, get there before 10:00am!

Mcdonald's Breakfast in Italy

Mcdonald’s breakfast for Julienne

Julienne also enjoyed her Mcdonald’s breakfast, a banana that we hid inside a Mcdonald’s bag and water drank from a Mcdonald’s cup…it is all about illusion my friends. And yes, she is waving hello to all the passing people.

Mcdonald's Breakfast in Italy

Santa Maria Novella Station Food Court

p.s. If you haven’t been to the food court in the train station in awhile, go check it out, they really did a fantastic job.

Ba da bop bop bop booop (:

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