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25 April 2013 - Roasting

25 April 2013 - Roasting

Today’s idea is Roasting!

Fast preparation time…that is what I’m talking about. There is an Italian cooking show we like watching called I menu di Benedetta (18.50 on LA7 or 20.10 on LA7D). At the end of every episode, she cooks up a dish with a countdown timer set for seven minutes. Yes, I know — 7 minutes! Take that Rachael Ray!

Although, I pick up tips and fast meal ideas from the show, here is something I learned not from Benedetta, but from my food loving cohort, Chelsea. She told me (what at the time was a foreign concept) if you don’t have time: peel, chop and roast it! Simple right? But, utter genius.

We pair the roasted vegetables with rice. Having rice ready-to-eat is another trick when in need for a quick and easy meal. Rinse rice, pour water and click cook on the rice machine. My recommendation: Zojirushi rice cookers.

Special Note:

Mix it up with beets, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, broccoli and red bell peppers.

Happy roasting!

(photos by jackie ahn)

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