Mukki Milk in Mugello followed by a Fun Festa di Primavera

Festa di Primavera - Mukki in Mugello

Festa di Primavera - Mukki in Mugello

Milking some Muuuuukki

This past weekend, we took a tour of the Co.mi Agricoltura farm out in Mugello where they produce the popular milk brand, Mukki. Matteo and Julienne had fun learning about the cows and how milk is produced. Okay, that’s a lie.

We (the moms/kids) didn’t learn much… it was all the dads doing the learning and talking. Davide and Simone were shooting questions right and left, absorbing information about the whole entire process. I think they could literally work on the farm at this point! If you need any insight on how the cows are kept, how the milk is made or if it’s worth owning a farm, please direct your questions at them.

Festa di Primavera - Mukki in Mugello

New York City Girls

Jennifer and I, we just tried to breathe through our mouths, enjoy the time with our families and admire the beautiful landscape. I seriously think Italy has yet to pull the New York out of us! ha ha.

The couple of facts that stuck with me: 1) cows are pregnant for nine months just like people, 2) two separate milking times at 4am (yikes!) and 4pm, and 3) an average cow at the farm eats 40 kilos/88 lbs of food to produce 30 liters/8 gallons of milk (we are talking per day people, per day)!

Festa di Primavera - Mukki in Mugello

Festa della Primavera = Spring Festival

We drove over to Scarperia to check out the Spring festival and to grab some grub. We didn’t realize that there would be so many fun activities for children at the fair. They had music & dancing with loads of arts and crafts for all ages available for free. Of course the tykes took advantage, Julienne and Matteo molded, smushed and played with homemade playdough.

Fab-u-lous. What a lovely way to end our outing. Oh, how I love living here sometimes (okay most of the time!).

What fun activities are you planning for this upcoming weekend? The sun is scorching, to the beach anyone?

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