Ikea ice cream cone for €.50

30 June 2013 - Ikea ice cream cone

30 June 2013 - Ikea ice cream cone

First taste of Frozen Yogurt

We had to pick up a few things at Ikea, yes, on a crowded Sunday – to take a break from the crowds we stopped by the restaurant upstairs. We are so predictable…Davide always gets a cinnamon roll and coffee, while I eat an frozen yogurt cone. Julienne had a few licks and I think she likes it!

30 June 2013 - Ikea ice cream cone

Ikea Ice cream cone

With an Ikea Family card you can get this frozen yogurt cone for €.50! What a perfect snack after a long stroll around Ikea.

30 June 2013 - Ikea family card

Ikea Family Card

Don’t have an Ikea Family card, just fill out the online form at home or on their kiosks and get a temporary paper card. The card offers discounts on items in the store and specials for card holders like free coffee.

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