Chestnut Season in Italy

Chestnuts in Italy

Chestnuts in Italy

we heart Chestnuts

October is chestnut season in Italy and even though in Florence we don’t have apples to pick in the fall, we do have chestnuts! It has become a tradition that after we visit the Chestnut sagra in Ronta, we go hiking in a beautiful forest area that is filled with lush greenery and chestnut trees.

Julienne Chestnut Picking in ItalyWild Mushrooms in Ronta

Chestnuts, mushrooms, slugs Oh my!

Julienne had a blast looking at all the fallen chestnuts and studying the wild mushrooms with the accompanying slug (thanks for spotting that little guy, zio Raul!). She has a little adventurous spirit just like her daddy!

Julienne Chestnut Picking in Italy
Photo on the Right taken by Davide Plaisant

Julienne the chestnut hoarder

This little squirrel was collecting all these chestnuts and stuffing them in her pockets. At one point, I asked Julienne to start giving them over and she totally refused…I was so shocked when she quickly hid them behind her back! The little sneak. I told you, we love our chestnuts in this family! ha ha.

Happy Chestnut eating everyone! (:

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    1. Actually, on our way out this time, we noticed new signs that specifically state that picking any of the wild mushrooms or chestnuts is restricted in this area. If you do pick anything, it is at your own risk. We allowed Julienne to take a few in her pockets, well the ones she wouldn’t give back!