Best Water in Florence for Newborns

Best Water in Florence for Babies

Best Water in Florence for Babies

H2O so many choices

Before moving to Italy, I had no idea there could be so many choices in bottled water. I knew a handful of different water companies while living in America… Lilia, Perrier, Dasani, Aquafina, Poland Spring, Fuji and Evian. Now, after several years in Florence, I think I have tried over 30 different kinds of water! Yea, insanity.

Going into a supermarket in Italy, you can get overwhelmed when you see the huge aisle dedicated to just water. Frizzante, leggermente frizzante, naturale, oligominerale (fizzy, semi-fizzy, still, low mineral)… the brands and choices are endless!

Best Water in Florence for Babies

Safe Water in Florence for Newborns

Now, if you are an adult, it doesn’t really matter what kind of water you buy, just find one you like and go with it. For children, this could be quite different, water can be dangerous. I know, sounds weird, right?

Well, the main difference in all the bottled water in Florence is the varying mineral content. High levels of certain minerals can actually be harmful for young children, especially newborns.

Check the Label

To be safe, check the labels before purchasing water for your newborns. Look for the following mineral levels.
Residuo fisso a 180°C: less than 120 mg. per liter.
Arsenico: less than 10 mg. per liter.
Nitrati: less than 10 mg. per liter.
Fluoro: no more than 1.5 mg. per liter for children under 7 years.
The levels of arsenico in Italian water can be checked on this site.

Residuo Fisso a 180°C

So, if you need water to mix your baby formula or would like to purchase water for your small children – the main thing you want to look for is the Residuo Fisso a 180°C amount. Make sure it is under 120mg per liter.

Safe Water Brands

A few brands that are baby safe are Sant’Anna, Eva, Norda, Levissima and Dolomiti. The water label should have a tiny face of a baby on it if it is considered safe for newborns.

Best Water in Florence for Babies

Favorite Water in Florence

Our favorite water in Florence also happens to be a great water for newborns… Acqua Sant’Anna (Sorgente Vinadio). It seems weird to say I have a favorite water, but this water seriously feels refreshing and light even at room temperature.

Acqua Sant’Anna (Sorgente Vinadio)
Residuo Fisso: 42.8 mg./l.
Arsenico 1.310 µg./l.
Nitrati 1 mg/l.
Fluoro 0.03 mg./l.

Have a favorite water in Florence, leave me a comment and let me know!

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