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This is the scenery you pass on road from Florence to Rome. Weekend trip to Rome Off to Rome again this weekend to visit nonna! We always like to bring along some yummy treats to

Candy Canes in Florence, Italy

Candy Canes in Florence

Candy Canes If you’re in Italy and craving some peppermint goodness, here is what I just spotted at the Caffè Pasticceria Serafini on Via Gioberti 168r (closer to the Piazza Beccaria end of the street).

19 July 2013 - Appetizer Pesto Tart

Pesto Appetizer Tart

The only special equipment needed for this pesto appetizer tart recipe is a muffin tin! Print Ingredients3.1

11 July 2013 - Tip Thursdays Tuna Pasta with Corn

Favorite canned tuna in Italy

Image via Rio Mare Who doesn’t love Tuna? I think one of the things I found to taste better here in Italy was definitely the canned tuna. Anytime I travel back home, I bring cans

Sugo Toscano / Tuscan Ragù Sauce

Guest Post from Allison Bell from Allison’s Tuscany Photos by Allison Bell Homemade Tuscan Ragù Sauce Meat sauce is made regularly in Italian households; it is one of their staples. Pasta al Sugo is a