Let's go shopping Julienne

Let’s Go Shopping Julienne

Little Julienne Loves Shopping Today on our Esselunga supermarket run (yes, we are practically here everyday!), we took Julienne’s shopping cart out for a spin. It was so much fun! Julienne loved walking around like

Mini Toy Shopping Cart at Upim

Mini Toy Shopping Cart Fun

Christmas Gift Idea We were shopping around for socks and tights yesterday, when Julienne spotted this miniature toy shopping cart and decided it was the coolest-thing-ever-in-the-whole-wide-world! I think we were in Upim playing with this

Playdate: Matteo and Julienne

We missed you Matteo!

Matteo and Julienne the best of friends Vacation was just too long for you two, look how much Julienne missed you, Matteo! These inseparable buddies were on a fun playdate in the center of Florence

Welcome to the world Baby Francesco

Welcome to the world Francesco

Hello Baby Francesco! This weekend we met newborn baby Francesco, big boy David’s new brother! Julienne had fun seeing David and enjoyed kissing baby Francesco on the head a few too many times. Baby Francesco,

Feed the fish by the Alghero Port

On the way to nonna’s house

1-2-3 Jump Today, on our way to visit nonna (grandma), we had fun jumping on and over the metal grates by the Alghero port. At first, she was weary of these weird holes in the

06 August 2013 - Toy Exchange

Toy Exchange with Friends

Toy Exchange One of the smartest things we started doing with friends with children is swapping our toys every few weeks. Although Julienne owns more toys than I care to count, she gets easily bored