On the way to nonna’s house

Feed the fish by the Alghero Port

Julienne on the way to Nonna's house

1-2-3 Jump

Today, on our way to visit nonna (grandma), we had fun jumping on and over the metal grates by the Alghero port. At first, she was weary of these weird holes in the ground, but then it became our new game…come on mom, let’s jump over them 1-2-3!

Feed the fish by the Alghero Port

Feed the fish

There is an area right where the port meets the outer wall of the historic center of Alghero, the perfect spot to feed the fish. Here the eager fish await their morning day-old bread from any generous passerby. Okay, to be honest, maybe we’re the only ones I ever see doing this…but, if you’re ever in Alghero, bring your old bread and feed the fish, you won’t regret it!

Feed the fish by the Alghero Port

Fish love their Carbs

The fish go crazy over bread, who knew that they are just like birds! Throw in a few pieces and watch them go! As I learnt from my Davide, don’t stand too close to the edge since they see your shadow and are more timid…stand a bit further away and enjoy the show.

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