22 July 2013 - Differences between girls and boys

Differences between girls and boys

Active vs. detail-oriented Is the stereotype true that girls and boys are really different? Well, this past week when David came over for a playdate, he ran all over the house with the activity table

27 June 2013 - Pasta Hand prints on the wall

Julienne’s First Masterpiece Food Art

Exploring Food Art Julienne got real quiet…whenever there is silence, mischief is definitely close at hand. And hand, indeed…pasta covered ones. When I turned around to see about this silence, I saw her laying down

14 June 2013 - Julienne's first time eating chocolate

first taste of dark chocolate

Chocolate fingers While daddy was at work, we were bad little girls and ate a little bit of dark chocolate for the first time! Woops. I thought I could trick her into eating her whole