We heart Ikea a family tradition

15 July 2013 - Family outing Ikea

15 July 2013 - Family outing IkeaPhoto via Ikea

Happy family outing to Ikea

Yesterday, we did an Ikea pitstop during our errand day to pick up some more Patrull fermacassetti (drawer & cabinet catch), feel like we are never finished with the baby-proofing. I think we end up at Ikea at least a couple times a month, whether we need to buy something or not – uh oh, is Ikea a family tradition in the making?

15 July 2013 - Family outing Ikea

Ikea Play time

Julienne made friends with a striped doll, put her to bed and even stuck her on the potty! What I found interesting about her doll playing was that she picked up the Asian-looking doll (not to mention it was wearing stripes as well), but, does she see the difference? Did it occur to her that she was picking up a doll more similar to herself or was it just random chance? I will have to test this out again in a toy store. In the end, we walked out with the potty, not the doll!

Here we come potty training! Anyone have some good advice?

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