This little Technological Girl prefers Samsung

15 July 2013 - Samsung S4 Julienne

15 July 2013 - Samsung S4 Julienne

Cellphone Love

Julienne is obsessed with cellphones. Not only does she have several fake phones, but she even has our old ones that she plays with yet, she can’t help going after the real ones! She just babbles incessantly for long periods of time while holding these darn things (don’t worry mom they’re always offline).

15 July 2013 - Samsung S4 Julienne

Juli votes for Samsung S4

So, it is not surprising that while we were at Mediaworld (large electronics store) in Campi Bisenzio, Julienne would not let go of the Samsung S4 – I know…this little part-Korean girl prefers Samsung! Ha.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. I have an S4! Does that mean she’ll want my phone when I visit? I love Juli so much I’d let her play with my phone.

    1. Oh yes, she will love you forever if you allow her to play with it. Will you get it back in working condition…very dubious.