Graham Crackers in Italy

18 July 2013 - graham crackers in Italy Photos via Martha Stewart

Where to find Graham Crackers in Italy

Graham crackers are tasty semi-sweet whole wheat crackers, great for making s’mores or delicious crust for cheesecake. So, where exactly can you buy graham crackers while in Italy? Well, I am here to tell you…you can’t. Don’t fret! I believe I finally found a suitable Italian substitute!

18 July 2013 - graham crackers in Italy


The company is Lazzaroni and their Pain Croute Integrale cracker has a graham cracker taste, but much thicker in consistency. It would definitely work as a substitute for your baking needs. I will try a graham cracker crust recipe using Lazzaroni’s crackers and let you know how it comes out. I found these crackers at the Esselunga Gignoro in the cookie aisle.

Note: If you are a graham cracker purist, you can always bake your own graham crackers at home!

Happy baking!

2 thoughts on “Graham Crackers in Italy

    1. You’re right Athenability, I usually check Vivi Market here in Florence when I’m looking for some foreign items. Even if the last time I checked they didn’t have graham crackers stocked, they are always stocking new products. Definitely worth another check. Thanks!

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