My Favorite Italian Brodo

Favorite Italian broth - Dialbrodo Plus

Favorite Italian broth - Dialbrodo Plus

Italians love their brodo

When it was time to give Julienne solid foods, our Italian pediatrician told us the best thing to feed her was brodo (broth) made with vegetables. Davide tells me that every Wednesday was brodo night and his family would have soup for dinner.

As you can see, broths and soups are a staple in an Italian home. What does this mean for us… well, our shelves are always stocked with brodo making ingredients. Go pseudo-Italian wife, booyah!

Favorite Italian broth - Dialbrodo Plus

Dialbrodo Plus

Okay on to the good stuff, what makes the best Italian brodo. Do you think it’s liquid, bouillon cubes or powder? I used to say bio bouillon cubes and now I am singing a new tune! Our holy grail of Italian brodo is called Dialbrodo Plus and it is a bouillon powder.

This powder bouillon packs a mean vitamin punch, super enriched with calcium, zinc and magnesium. A box of this gold powder costs €3,20 and can be found at most pharmacies in Italy (they may only have the classico version, but ask them to order the Plus – v for vitamins!). If you need a low sodium version try the Dialbrodo Kappa (not as many vitaminamins).

Favorite Italian broth - Dialbrodo Plus

Best Broth Ever

How did I come across Dialbrodo Plus? My mother-in-law divulged her secret ingredient after I raved about her heavenly beef broth. She will add this magical bouillon powder to make soup stock and even tomato sauce.


When making soup stock, I will add 1 1/2 tablespoons per 1,5 liters of water. I will make some beef broth this month and post up the recipe. Julienne eats this broth up like it’s her job. Seriously, she will practically lick the bowl clean and she doesn’t even know we have snuck in some extra vitamins.

Julienne playing with mommy's bags

Broth and Bags

What does Julienne like doing just as much as eating this broth… stealing and trying on mommy’s bags! ha ha. It is insane how girly they can be at such a young age. This sneak gets into my stash and rummages for goodies (mainly chapstick). Juli is one happy little girl… belly full of broth & arms full of bags!

Have you ever tried Dialbrodo Plus, what do you think?

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