Halloween Florence 2013

Happy Disney Halloween 2013

Halloween Party Bust How did we spend our Halloween 2013… uh, at the supermarket? ha ha. Okay, so originally, we tried to go to the Ludoteca Il Castoro’s Halloween party, but it was packed full

Playdate: Matteo and Julienne

We missed you Matteo!

Matteo and Julienne the best of friends Vacation was just too long for you two, look how much Julienne missed you, Matteo! These inseparable buddies were on a fun playdate in the center of Florence

22 July 2013 - Differences between girls and boys

Differences between girls and boys

Active vs. detail-oriented Is the stereotype true that girls and boys are really different? Well, this past week when David came over for a playdate, he ran all over the house with the activity table

19 July 2013 - play date Olivia, Matteo and Juli

Playdate with Olivia and Matteo

Oh happy sweeties Julienne is so lucky to have so many happy babies to play with during the day. Matteo and Olivia, both have the best tranquil dispositions that it’s hard to find them with

10 July 2013 - Matteo and Julienne Playdate

Lunch playdate with my buddy matteo

Hugs all around We had Jennifer and baby Matteo over for a lunch playdate and boy, did they love playing together. Matteo being the biggest sweetie pie, allowed our super affectionate Juli to pretty much