Happy Disney Halloween 2013

Halloween Florence 2013

Minnie & Mickey Mouse - Halloween 2013

Halloween Party Bust

How did we spend our Halloween 2013… uh, at the supermarket? ha ha. Okay, so originally, we tried to go to the Ludoteca Il Castoro’s Halloween party, but it was packed full of adults and older children. The kids would not have lasted two minutes in there, so we celebrated a little Disney Halloween outside in the square.

Halloween Florence 2013 Photo taken by Davide Plaisant

Smile kids Smile

It gets dark so early with the time change that the kids were getting restless in the dark – so much for our outdoor Minnie and Mickey Mouse adventure, they were not into it at all! Our solution? Jennifer and I hoarded everyone into the Coop Supermarket for some Halloween grocery shopping… what can I say, this little Minnie gets happy around food. (: Anyways, Matteo and Julienne are used to their supermarket playdates, why not on Halloween – trick or treat!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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