Happy Mother’s Day!

Moms are *always* right. All those times my mom said that I would understand where she was coming from, the day I had my own child… well, I should have always known that she was

Bubbles of fun at the Torre di San Niccolò

Bubble Fun at Torre di San Niccolò

Belle Bolle One of the greatest things about living in Florence is the unexpected and spectacular street performances that you get to experience on any given day. Keep your eyes open We spotted these beautiful

Carnevale Confetti

Carnevale in Rome with Nonna

Carnevale Coriandoli Confetti, oh MY! Happy March everyone! We spent this past weekend visiting nonna and celebrating Carnevale in Rome. Carnevale in Europe is the only time where littering in public is pretty much expected

Happy Birthday Halmi

Happy Birthday Hal-mi!

We Love you Hal-mi 생일 축하해요! Have a happy birthday hal-mi, we miss you! Long distance hug from all of us and one big kiss from Julienne (:

Let's go shopping Julienne

Let’s Go Shopping Julienne

Little Julienne Loves Shopping Today on our Esselunga supermarket run (yes, we are practically here everyday!), we took Julienne’s shopping cart out for a spin. It was so much fun! Julienne loved walking around like

Julienne Happy Two years of life

Year One As our first child, it’s been beautiful and challenging – keeping you safe, healthy and happy my little Julienne. Thank you for all your silly smiles and sweet kisses. Year Two How have

Happy Holidays 2013 - Trip Home

Happy Holidays 2013

Happy New Year Candy cane photo, no more! ha ha. Before you all kill me for having the same candy cane photo up for way too many weeks, we’re back and ready for business. Hope