Julienne Happy Two years of life

Year One As our first child, it’s been beautiful and challenging – keeping you safe, healthy and happy my little Julienne. Thank you for all your silly smiles and sweet kisses. Year Two How have

Chestnuts in Italy

Chestnut Season in Italy

we heart Chestnuts October is chestnut season in Italy and even though in Florence we don’t have apples to pick in the fall, we do have chestnuts! It has become a tradition that after we

Animal Fingerpuppets

Playing with Finger puppets

we love finger puppets Breakfast on the Lungarno was so much fun today (even with the stormy weather) because Julienne received a set of fun finger puppets and boy was she thrilled! Thank you zio

13 July 2013 - happy birthday davide torre mozza beach

Birthday beach day at Torre Mozza

Torre Mozza Beach We celebrated Davide’s birthday at the beach! We drove three hours (boo traffic!) to Torre Mozza, a very large beach situated in the golfo di Follonica (gulf of Follonica). The beach is

13 July 2013 - happy birthday daddy

Happy Birthday Davide!

Five reasons I love my daddy: He makes me delicious breakfast every morning. He holds me in his arms even when he’s tired. He rocks me back to sleep in the middle of the night.

06 July 2013 - Matteo 1st Birthday Party Campo di Marte Parco

Birthday at Giardini Campo di Marte

Happy 1st Birthday Matteo This past Saturday we celebrated Matteo’s 1st birthday at the Giardini Campo di Marte, entrance at Viale Fanti. Decadent chocolate cupcakes, fresh watermelon and homemade chocolate chip cookies were the highlight