14 June 2013 - quail eggs Mushrooms

Super Mario style Mushroom eggs

Bite-sized Eggs Uova di quaglia..quagliwhat? I mean, quail eggs! I can’t believe this is the first time I’m eating these cute things. I love eggs and I am hardcore crushing on these mini lovelies. Julienne

14 June 2013 - Salmon Potato Patties

Salmon and Potato Patties

This delicious recipe comes from the book, Kochen für die Kleinen by Dagmar Reichel. Salmon and Potato Patties The official name of this recipe is Feine Fisch-Küchlein aus Kartoffeln und Lachsfilet! Yes, that is a

04 June 2013 - packed brown sugar

Packed Brown sugar in italy

Packed brown sugar= Zucchero integrale di canna For the longest time, I didn’t know where to find packed brown sugar in Italy. Try to use hand motions to describe the difference between regular and packed

Kitchen Gift Guide

Kitchen Gift Guide So…my birthday is JUST around the corner and if you know me, I love gadgets, especially kitchen related! Even items that I only use once a year, for some reason I am

24 May 2013 - sour cream

sour cream in Florence

So, you’re in Florence and you need sour cream…what is it called in Italian and where can you find it? Sour cream = Panna Acida/Panna Agra da Cucina Check the yogurt section or if there

26 April 2013 - Carve onion lotus flower

DIY: Carve an onion lotus flower

Add an onion lotus flower to embellish your dish. This is easy to make and sure to impress (took me under 5 minutes to make one!) For instructions watch this video on carving an onion