Super Mario style Mushroom eggs

14 June 2013 - quail eggs Mushrooms

14 June 2013 - quail eggs Mushrooms

Bite-sized Eggs

Uova di quaglia..quagliwhat? I mean, quail eggs! I can’t believe this is the first time I’m eating these cute things. I love eggs and I am hardcore crushing on these mini lovelies. Julienne was able to fit the whole thing in her mouth, yes…very bite-sized!

14 June 2013 - quail eggs Mushrooms

Mushroom Shaped eggs

I saw this cute recipe in my handy-dandy Esselunga recipe book (free magazines they give out at the supermarket…yes, of course, I read them all!). The recipe had some other things going on like mayonaise and thyme. Me, I went the simple route. Boil some water, add the quail eggs and cook for 8 minutes. Peel and slice off just the bottom so they stand up straight and then place half of a pitted cherry tomato on top!

Voilà, fun mushroom eggs for the family to enjoy.

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