Grom Gelateria Delicious Gelato in the center of Florence

Grom Gelateria in Florence, Italy

Grom Gelateria in Florence, Italy

Grom Gelateria

If you are in the Duomo area touring the center of Florence and get a craving for some gelato (ice cream), stop by Grom Gelateria on Via del Campanile, 2.

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Grom Gelateria 43.772162, 11.255789

Fresh fruit flavors

For fruit lovers, this is by far one of our favorite places in the center of town where you can find fresh fruit gelato. Auntie Jenny tried the Mango and Lampone (Raspberry) flavors and they were divine, even Julienne gobbled some up!

Grom Gelateria in Florence, Italy

Granita* no, Gelato yes

We tried the mandorla (almond) and limone (lemon) granita flavors and it was definitely nothing special. I actually could not finish the mandorla granita because the aftertaste was too strange and this is the first time I threw out granita! Yikes. We will definitely stick to Carabé Gelateria for granita.

Prices for gelato are €2.50 small, €3.50 medium, €4.50 large, and €5.50 maxi for cup or cone. For granita the cost is €3.00 medium or €4.00 large.

*What is Granita? It is a semi-frozen Sicilian ice dessert made from sugar, water and various flavorings. Granita tends to have a granular and chunky texture that is created by scraping the mixture as it freezes.

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