Teething pain relief for babies

01 June 2013 teething pain toddlers camilia drops

01 June 2013 teething pain julienne
Julienne has had bad teething pain since month 6…or was it earlier? It all starts to blur together at this point. Currently, her canines are waiting to sprout and she definitely loves sharing her discontent!

01 June 2013 teething pain toddlers holle tea

teething pain relief

When it comes to teething pain relief, we’ve tried several different methods from baby teas, camilia homeopathic drops and bach flower essences.

01 June 2013 teething pain toddlers camilia drops

Camilia our savior

I think the trick with Juli has been the camilia drops. It is a miracle vial that has saved us many sleepless nights! The price is a bit high seeing as we go through a box of 15 (€11/box) in less than 4 days. But, we…I mean SHE would not survive without them! You can find them in any farmacia. P.s. It is called the same thing in the USA, the only difference, it is less expensive there.

Note: When I was still breastfeeding, adding bach flower essences to my drinking water helped as well. You can have it prepared at an erboristeria, Bach flowers in Italian is called Fiori di Bach.

What has worked for you? Leave me a comment if you have any suggestions to try!

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