Stables and Horses in Florence visiting the Ippodromo

Stables & Horses in Florence - Ippodromo CascineBubbles in the Park

Ippo Zonkey

After breakfast on Sunday morning, zio Cesare and zio Raul went with us to visit the three month old Ippo Zonkey, the donkey/zebra hybrid that was born in a reserve here in Florence. Can you believe there are only three in the world and one is here! Unfortunately, as you can see in the photo, the gate was closed – they are only open for visits from Monday to Friday. We started to entertain Julienne with bubbles when we realized it would be more fun to find a park, rather than standing around in a closed entranceway. Silly adults.

horses-julienneTop Photo taken by Cesare Bazzoni

Julienne’s first Horse

After a five minute stroll up the block, we reached the Cascine park and what did we see, horses! We found ourselves at the Cascine Ippodromo (hippodrome = stadium for horse sports). After years of living here, both Davide and I realized we had never been in this area of the park, let alone knew that this Ippodromo even existed! The whole atmosphere felt like something out of a weird Old Wild West film, just add in some cowboys and we’re there.


Julienne’s new friend, Ivan

Julienne was so in awe of the horses, but as always, wary of getting too close. Then we met Maria and her sweet horse, Ivan, he was determined to befriend little Julienne. Julienne refused to touch or get on Ivan’s back but, after several minutes, she started having fun pat pat patting him on the neck and ears.

Stables & Horses in Florence - Ippodromo CascineTop Right Photo taken by Cesare Bazzoni

Bye Bye Horses

When it was time to go, Julienne waved goodbye and blew them all kisses. Until next time!

If you’re ever in the area, go check it out… everyone there was super friendly and open. Two thumbs up Cascine Ippodromo!

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