Short Travel Guide to Isola di San Pietro – Carloforte, Italy

Le Colonne - Carloforte, Island of San Pietro

Carloforte, Island of San Pietro - Italy

Saremar Ferry to Carloforte

Our last weekend in Sardegna, we took a short trip to Carloforte, the small port town on the San Pietro Island. Once you reach Portovesme, the south-western port of Sardegna, the Saremar Ferry will take you to the island in under an hour.

Carloforte, Island of San Pietro - Italy

Hello Carloforte!

The ferry boat stops directly in the main port of Carloforte where you can find pretty much everything from restaurants, shops and bars.

Carloforte, Island of San Pietro - Italy

Le Spiaggie di Carloforte

Carloforte has excellent beaches, both sandy and rocky, the three areas we love to go swimming are Cala Spalmatore, Spiaggia Bobba and Cala Fico.

Carloforte, Island of San Pietro - Italy

Cala Spalmatore

Cala Spalmatore is one of the most popular beaches on the island, it is easy to see why with the beautiful stretch of sandy beach and clear water. The shallow water and soft sand definitely make this a great beach for kids.

Le Colonne - Carloforte, Island of San Pietro

Spiaggia La Bobba

Spiaggia La Bobba is a delightful cove of soft, white sand on the south-west coast of San Pietro Island, another perfect beach suitable for children.

Punta delLe Colonne

You can reach this beautiful lookout point by following the pathway from the Bobba beach. It is definitely worth a short ten minute hike up to enjoy a fantastic view of the famous Le Colonne (columns), the symbol of Carloforte – these two majestic cliffs emerge a short distance from the coast.

Cala Fico - Carloforte, Island of San Pietro

The beach of Cala Fico

Cala Fico is another small bay but, instead of soft sand think rocky beach with large pebbles. If you go, definitely pack some chairs or cushions to sit on, not as suitable for young children.

Cala Fico - Carloforte, Island of San PietroCellphone Photo taken by Davide Plaisant

Carpobrotus edulis = Pink Ice plants

Cala Fico is my favorite spot, even though there is no sand this oasis is surrounded by spectacular cliffs and natural Mediterranean plant life. If you’re lucky to be there when the ice plants are in bloom you will be surrounded by a meadow of pink flowers. Cala Fico’s calm waters houses an amazing variety of Mediterranean sea life…so, don’t forget to pack a snorkeling mask!

Villa Iole, Carloforte - Sardegna

Where to Stay – Villa Iole

During our trip to Carloforte, we stayed at the new B&B Villa Iole on Via Pasquale Leone 25. The B&B was located on a quiet street, an easy ten minute walk from the center of town. We had an amazing stay here and our host, Patrizia, was very helpful and sweet. The place was super clean and our room was spacious with a large outdoor terrace. I would definitely recommend staying here if you ever find yourself in Carloforte!

Pizzalandya - Carloforte, Island of San Pietro

Where to Eat – Pizzalandya

We had pizza in two different locations and Pizzalandya was definitely the better choice. The pizza was inexpensive and tasty, thanks for the delicious pizza Maurizio and Carla!

Flamingo - Carloforte, Island of San Pietro

Flamingo Watching

Before you leave, drive by the marshes and go say hi to the flamingos! If you’re so inclined, get out of the car and wave your arms around while jumping up and down. Uh, why? Well, the flamingoes will notice you and most likely fly or move away from your crazy dance moves and you’ll get a quick peek at their pink feathers!

Caffe Roma - Carloforte, Island of San Pietro - Italy

Breakfast at Caffè Roma

Staying at Villa Iole B&B you receive a breakfast voucher for a pastry and drink at the centrally located Caffè Roma on Via Roma. The bar served their pastries warm and their coffee was good. They also gave Julienne some free steamed milk and as you can see – she loved eating her pastry with her little espresso cup of milk! Two thumbs up Caffè Roma.

Le Colonne - Carloforte, Island of San Pietro

Bye bye Carloforte!

Until next time, ciao ciao Carloforte!

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