Pigtails & Stealing Shades

Julienne Hair Up and Glasses On

Julienne Hair Up and Glasses On

Slim Shady

It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Florence, but no complaints though, better rain than snow, yea? Heard you Northeasterners are getting slammed again with snow storms, just escape and visit us!

So, today was our first sunny day and we took advantage by playing in the park. Nothing too exciting, but the funniest thing happened when I noticed Julienne squinting her eyes from the sun – I gave her my sunglasses thinking she’d just throw them on the ground (per usual)… but shocker, she immediately swiped them from me and continued to keep them on her face! huh, what?! I know and the little thief wouldn’t give them back. Can you say progress!

Julienne Hair Up and Glasses On

Pretty in Pigtails

Then to top it off, I realized that it’s been over a month now that I have no problems putting her hair up. For those of you that don’t remember, I complained last year about Julienne never letting me put her hair up, anything in or on her hair would come out after max 5 minutes. Do you see Julienne’s hair now, pigtails AND pins! I would like to take complete and total credit for this one… just kidding dad! Okay, none of this is my doing, all credit goes to her grandfather in NY (할아버지= hal-abeoji) or as Juli likes to call him… aji. I mean really, hal-abeoji is so long to say for a little kid, Koreans need to really come up with something shorter!

During our last family visit in December, something just clicked. One night while playing legos with aji, Julienne’s crazy long fringe was getting in her eyes and aji told her to come over to him. I don’t know if it was the tone of his voice or the magic in the air, but Julienne went over to aji, closed her eyes and voilà, let him place a headband on her head. From that miracle moment on, Julienne does not ever resist having her hair up and out of her face, you name it – headbands, elastic bands, pins and even hats!

Julienne Hair Up and Glasses On

We Love Aji (and hal-mi too!)

Thanks aji, you rock, hmm… maybe we can hire you out for other babies who have the same problem! ha ha.

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