Manicure Pedicure in Florence

06 July 2013 - manicure in Florence

06 July 2013 - manicure in Florence

Manicure Pedicure in Florence

Annie took us out for some pampering this weekend with a coupon for a manicure and pedicure at a salon near Piazza della Libertà. I have avoided getting my nails done in Italy after hearing horror stories, yes…the fear of bloody cuticles has kept me away!

So, this was my first manicure and pedicure here in Florence and I am hear to confess that all the stories are TRUE. ha. Well, unless you go to a topnotch salon, expect to come out looking as if your husband has painted your nails with a blindfold on. Don’t laugh, I am not kidding.

06 July 2013 - manicure in Florence

Party Nails

Yes, our ring finger on our right hand was painted a different color…which Annie so aptly named, the party nail! To sum up, our nails were shaped into jagged squares, cuticles cut at ridiculous angles (one cut but, no bleeding), thick goop polish was placed only on two thirds of the nail with no base or top coat added. I believe the average time to get a manicure and pedicure was 20 minutes! Let’s not forget that I also had remnants of nail polish on the bottoms of my fingers.

06 July 2013 - manicure in Florence06 July 2013 - manicure in Florence

Major Fail

From far away, it does not look so bad, but up close…disaster zone! The nail polish was so old that it did not dry and it would just spread around our nails as time went on – as you can see…we were not happy. I knew I had to replace the nail polish when in the car, the blue polish transferred on to Julienne’s hand and then her teeth (yes, she decided to taste the blue)!

06 July 2013 - Giurovich in Florence

The Best part

Breakfast and the company was the best part of the morning experience. We were able to catch up on each other’s lives and afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious cappuccino and pastry at Pasticceria Giurovich on Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni, 26.

Is it me, or does the chocolate filling on Annie’s pastry look like a heart?

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