Julienne’s first gelato experience

28 April2013 - Dandelions Juli

Today we had a super fun play-date with Cesare, Francesca and Sara (his sister and niece). After our lunch trip to McDonald’s (I know we really have to cut the habit) … we took Julienne to try her first gelato. One of our favorite gelato shops in Florence is il Sorriso on Via Erbosa, 70 by the Coop in Gavinana.

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Il Sorriso Gelato 43.756286, 11.289382

Gelateria: Il Sorriso

They explained that their gelato has added sugar, but the fruit based gelato contains the lowest amount. So, we chose kiwi and coconut for Julienne’s first gelato experience.

We took her outside and gave her a taste…she eyed it a bit precariously and even made a face after her first bite!

28 April 2013 - 1st gelato julienne

After the initial brain freeze from the cold gelato, she started asking for more! 🙂 Save some for me, Juli!

28 April2013 - Dandelions Juli

Happy Sunday everyone!

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