Julienne sleeping at last

Sleeping Julienne with her stuffed animals

Sleeping Julienne with her stuffed animals

let sleeping julienne lie

When Julienne is sick, her sleep can get totally thrown off…she may wake up in the middle of the night crying and upset for hours! Like last night, when she had us up from midnight until 2am…not good for baby or for mommy and daddy. But, tonight it seems like her sickness must be abating – Juli seems relaxed with her little friends (Teddy, Lamb and Pippa the hippo). And yes, those are really their names. And yes, she really does sleep with a bunch of stuffed animals for comfort. Did I mention there are two more in her crib, Max and Cocco her beloved bears. What can I say, she is social even while sleeping!

p.s. I got reprimanded by D for taking a bright flash photo and risking waking her up! oops. I just couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the little dumpling. 🙂

Happy dreams everyone!

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