Halloween in Florence

Halloween Costume 2012

Halloween in Florence

Halloween in Florence

What are we doing this Halloween in Florence? Well, we are planning on going to the Halloween Party (Oct. 26th from 4-6pm) held at the St. James (Via Bernardo Rucellai, 9) American Church in Florence. It will be Julienne’s first Halloween party where she will get to play with other costumed kids and adults. Can’t wait!

Halloween in Florence

Italy celebrates Halloween

Italy doesn’t really celebrate Halloween, but I have to say that in the last couple of years the tradition of dressing up has really taken off. The local supermarkets started selling costumes to Halloween-themed cookies and now you can easily find holiday decorations at every store. Although, trick-or-treating hasn’t really picked up, for adults there are several Halloween events at several local bars and clubs in Florence.

Halloween Pig Costume 2012Halloween 2012 in FlorenceBottom Photo taken by Davide Plaisant

I Need a Costume idea

Last year, Julienne dressed up as a pig for Halloween. Well, left for me to choose, of course she is going to dress up as a little piggy. ha ha. As you can see from this photo, I did not actually dress up myself, I went as, uh…a mom? ha ha. Okay, this year I want to find a fun costume – please, send me your ideas! And no, uncle I will not dress up as Mr. T.

Minnie Mouse Image via Fanpop

Julienne as Minnie Mouse

For her costume this year, we are going with Minnie Mouse, it is her current obsession after all. I am not joking when I say it is the first thing out of her mouth in the mornings, “miiiimi..miiimiiiiiii”. Yup, not mommy or daddy, it’s Minnie. Jennifer and I had a brilliant idea to have best friend Matteo and Julienne go as Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Squeee cuteness.

Halloween Costume Carl UPImage via My Modern Met

Best Kid Costumes

While I was surfing the web for some diy ideas for Julienne’s Minnie Mouse costume, I got sucked into looking at the craziest costumes for kids. This one blew me away, is this not freaking genious! I love the Pixar film UP and how cute is baby Rizden with all the balloons!

What are you and your kids going as this year?

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