Feed, no wait…chase the birds!

Julienne chasing birds at the park

Julienne chasing birds at the park

it’s so cute and it flies, can we keep him?

Julienne freaked out when she saw a bunch of pigeons at the park the other day, she threw off her backpack and started chasing them around.

Julienne chasing birds at the park

new best friend

With most people and living things Julienne tends to shy away at first, keeping her distance…then the minute she feels confident, she is all up in their face! At this point, Juli was feeling pretty good, this pigeon and her were best friends – can’t you tell by her frantic waving!

Julienne playing at the park

Bigger and better

Only problem, mr. birdie didn’t wave back. Julienne got upset and bored after she realized her new bestie was not so friendly afterall and she set her sights higher. Mr. foosball table. Weird that we come here so often and I never noticed this before! Learn something new everyday.

Julienne and her hello kitty backpack

bye bye park

I need to keep taking Julienne out to the park as much as possible and take advantage of the remaining sunny days in Florence. Can you believe it snowed in Munich today, ack! Yea, I think it’s time to scope out a nicer ludoteca in our area – find something fun for Juli to do when the weather changes.

Any suggestions for fun activities during the winter season?

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