Cucina Torcicoda Dining Out near Santa Croce

Cucina Torcicoda Firenze

Cucina Torcicoda FirenzePhoto via Cucina Torcicoda

Friends in Town

Anouska and Niccolò were in town for the weekend, so… what does that usually mean? A long & fun night out! We started with an aperitivo at Zoe and then headed to the recently opened Cucina Torcicoda (Via Torta, 5r – near Piazza Santa Croce) for some dinner.

Cucina Torcicoda Firenze

Live up to the Hype

First off, the place is HUGE. There is a Pizzeria, Osteria, Restaurant and Gelateria all inside this one location. When you make your reservation they will ask you what section you would like to eat in – we chose to eat in the Osteria.

Average Food

When there is a lot of talk about a new place, you go in with high expectations. Maybe this was one of the reasons I wasn’t blown away by the food.

I ordered the tagliata di bistecca con fettunta, valeriana e pecorino di grotta (sliced steak with salad and cheese). The meat was cold and not as tender as I would have liked for the €18 price tag.

Cucina Torcicoda Firenze

Superior Interiors

On the upside, I loved the interior decor and atmosphere. You could tell they did a lot of work in the last three years and really paid attention to all the details.

Night Out with Anouska & Gaby
I am disappointed that I did not fall in love with the food. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t give it another go around. I want to come back to try their pizza and gelato.

Let’s say for now, one and half thumbs up Cucina Torcicoda! Until next time.

Cucina Torcicoda Firenze

Cucina Torcicoda

Address: Via Torta, 5r
Phone: +39 055 265 4329
Facebook: cucinatorcicodafirenze


Why Torcicoda? Via Torta used to be called Via Torcicoda. It delineates the area where the Roman Amphitheatre in Florence (124 and 130 AD) was built along this curved road. The meaning: torci = twisted & coda = tail.

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