Creative DIY CD Wall Decor

DIY Cd Wall Art Idea

DIY Cd Wall Art Idea

DIY CD Wall Art

Throwing a last-minute shindig and need a quick idea for party decoration, how about an easy diy cd wall art? This is so easy to do and makes a great photo backdrop. The best part is that you probably already have all these two items at home, cd discs and tape!

Easy Instructions

Just get out all your cd discs, put on some double-sided tape and stick them on the wall in any design. For our recent New Year’s party, we did a 2014 design. Other ideas might be using the year of birth for a birthday party or the shape of a heart for Valentine’s decorations.

Notes: If you don’t have double-sided tape, you can also use regular tape rolled up, just note that it won’t hold up as long. After you remove the tape, you may find that the cheaper discs will lose some of their label, so don’t use your favorite discs!

Have you ever done a cd wall decor, leave me a note and let me know what design you used!

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