4 Fourth of July DIY Ideas

26 June 2013 - Sparkle lia griffithphotos via Lia Griffith

While living abroad, I want to make sure we expose Julienne to American and Korean culture – hoping to also create new family traditions along the way. Not to mention, I miss celebrating these holidays myself or more importantly, I miss eating the festive food! : ) So, with Independence Day right around the corner – I have scouted out 4 Fourth of July DIY inspirations for food, decor and drinks.

26 June 2013 - July 4th DIY decoration & inspirationphotos via Lia Griffith

Fourth of July DIY Labels & food Display

The first two ideas come from the talented Lia Griffith, I love that her DIY tutorials are clear with instructional photos and she offers free printable designs. I heart freebies!

  1. Who doesn’t like strawberry lemonade and this is a super cute beverage label that is ready to print.
  2. I think I will make these kraft paper chip bags and fill it with caramel popcorn (just found some at Lidl)!

26 June 2013 - July 4th DIY decoration & inspirationphotos via Martha Stewart

Fourth of July DIY Decor & Dessert

Oh Martha (Stewart, of course), how I love thee…let me count the calories! ha ha. The minute I need to find a yummy recipe or party plan, you will find me at Marthaland.

  1. These hanging star medallions are so fast to make and if you’re out of fabric just substitute with heavyweight paper. You can print some fun 4th of July patterned paper using Lia’s free printables!
  2. I think Julienne will eat all of these firecracker ice pops if we make them. Juli, good thing daddy doesn’t like yogurt, leaves more for you and me!

Have you already made your Fourth of July plans? What delicious goodies will you cook up this year – leave me a comment and share your recipes!

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