Happy Mother’s Day!

Moms are *always* right. All those times my mom said that I would understand where she was coming from, the day I had my own child… well, I should have always known that she was

Happy Holidays 2013 - Trip Home

Happy Holidays 2013

Happy New Year Candy cane photo, no more! ha ha. Before you all kill me for having the same candy cane photo up for way too many weeks, we’re back and ready for business. Hope

13 July 2013 - happy birthday daddy

Happy Birthday Davide!

Five reasons I love my daddy: He makes me delicious breakfast every morning. He holds me in his arms even when he’s tired. He rocks me back to sleep in the middle of the night.

15 June 2013 - Piscina Quercegrossa with Daniela and family

Saturday at Piscina Quercegrossa

Piscina Quercegrossa This pool is the hidden gem in Siena (SR 222, Quercegrossa), just a 50 minute drive away from Florence and a great escape from the summer heat in Tuscany. Wait…maybe I shouldn’t be

10 May 2013 - Mother's day brunch

Mother’s day brunch at Radici Yoga

Today we had fun eating pancakes and strawberries at Radici Yoga’s Mother’s Day Brunch. The yoga studio is located on Via Guelfa, 116…right behind the Fortezza da basso and the train station. We were lucky