Sleeping Julienne with her stuffed animals

Julienne sleeping at last

let sleeping julienne lie When Julienne is sick, her sleep can get totally thrown off…she may wake up in the middle of the night crying and upset for hours! Like last night, when she had

06 August 2013 - Toy Exchange

Toy Exchange with Friends

Toy Exchange One of the smartest things we started doing with friends with children is swapping our toys every few weeks. Although Julienne owns more toys than I care to count, she gets easily bored

26 July 2013 - favorite funtime tractor toy

Favorite FunTime Tractor toy

Photos taken by Jenny Ahn Kidoozie iPlay Funtime Tractor Toy Since turning one, Julienne has received a gazillion and a half toys ranging from wooden language blocks, singing dogs to remote controlled cars. Without a

22 July 2013 - Differences between girls and boys

Differences between girls and boys

Active vs. detail-oriented Is the stereotype true that girls and boys are really different? Well, this past week when David came over for a playdate, he ran all over the house with the activity table

19 July 2013 - play date Olivia, Matteo and Juli

Playdate with Olivia and Matteo

Oh happy sweeties Julienne is so lucky to have so many happy babies to play with during the day. Matteo and Olivia, both have the best tranquil dispositions that it’s hard to find them with

Toddler Pretend Play - Remote Control Telephone

5 Toddler Pretend Play Ideas and Props

remote control OR julienne’s cellphone? “auntie, is that you?” Julienne turned one and all of a sudden started learning a bunch of new things in one big swoosh: walking, saying bye-bye and giving kisses. The