Taste your way through Florence

Oh, what a beautiful mornin’… oh, what a beautiful day!
It feels like Spring is here early. Take advantage of this gorgeous weekend and go take your tastebuds on a tour of Florence.

Un te con te - Terrazza Brunelleschi Image via Terrazza Brunelleschi

Un tè con te at Terrazza Brunelleschi

1. The rooftop bar of Grand Hotel Baglioni (Piazza Unità Italiana, 6) has launched their Un tè con te event everyday at 5pm (until May). Perfect place to celebrate Women’s day tomorrow. Grab your favorite girls and for €5.50 enjoy tea and pastries with a view.

Taste Firenze 2014 Image via Pitti Immagine

Taste Firenze 2014

2. Taste food fair is back in town from March 8th – 10th. Head over to Stazione Leopolda (Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5) and go get your eat on.

Taste Firenze 2014 Image via Pitti Immagine


3. The best part of the Taste fair being in town is the accompanying FuoridiTaste free events around town. Yes, all events revolve around food, wine & more Food!


Snowy Mountain Majesty

4. Before the snow melts up North (crazy unpredictable season shifts), take your last slide down a nearby ski slope like Abetone (only 90 minutes away). I think there is a plot of snow up there just begging us to come make angels! Nothing to warm you right up like hearty mountain food. Give me some steaming hot polenta ai funghi (polenta with mushrooms) anytime. Mountains, here we come!

Start a Rock Collection

Let’s Be Active

5. Okay so food is not your thing or you want to get in shape for summer, then forego the food and go be active. See all those Florentine rocks outside, go get your collection started before Julienne takes them all home!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Good tips here! I was just thinking how odd that one could go skiing in abetone this weekend or head in the other direction – i figure the beach in castiglione might be ready too…

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