Sesame Bagels in Florence

Sesame Bagels in Florence - Focacceria Pugi

Focacceria Pugi Sells Bagels

Found a new bagel place in Florence! From a choice of poppy and sesame, Julienne chose the sesame bagel and it was pretty good. We bought this unexpected treasure at the Forno Bistro Pugi for €1,20 (price based on weight). Okay, to be honest, they weren’t actually selling them as bagels. But heck it looks like a bagel and tastes like a bagel so, for me… these are Pugi sesame bagels!

Growing up on Long Island (NY), I have eaten my share of delicious bagels and the hard truth is that all the bagels in Florence can’t exactly replicate that extra chewy texture that I love and crave. Now, this doesn’t mean that the bagels in Florence are bad. Me, I am just a bonafide bagel snob!

I have adjusted my expectations and when the choices are slim, any bagel is a good bagel. Just don’t eat them cold. Toasted up with a little veggie cream cheese on top, oh yea we’re talking tastebud heaven. Mmm… bagels.

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Mama\'s Bakery: 43.767236, 11.242233
Sugar & Spice: 43.771050, 11.269211
The Diner: 43.770121, 11.258685
Il Panino Tondo: 43.773134, 11.243963
Snack Bar Anna: 43.776342, 11.255651
Forno Bistro Pugi: 43.763284, 11.276179

Where to find Bagels in Florence

  1. Mama’s bakery (Via della Chiesa, 34r)
  2. Sugar & Spice (Borgo la Croce 15r)
  3. The Diner (Via dell’Acqua, 2)
  4. Il Panino Tondo (Via Montebello, 56R and they also deliver)
  5. Snack Bar Anna (Via Dè Ginori, 26/R)
  6. Forno Bistro Pugi (Via Giampaolo Orsini, 65). I can’t promise that all the Pugi bread shops in Florence will sell these, but if you go and find them, please let me know and I’ll update this post!
  7. The Lion’s Fountain Pub (Borgo Albizi 34/R)

4 thoughts on “Sesame Bagels in Florence

  1. Really?!! any idea if they sneak lard into these? Pugi seems to put lard in just about everything (so anti-vegetarian not to mention not OK for most of the world’s religions…)

    1. Haha. Alexandra, hope you’re kidding… now, I need to investigate this since I don’t eat pork myself. Who wants lardy bagels! Quoting Julienne, “ew gross!”.

  2. Dear Jackie:

    Hello, I’m Masha ,owner together with my daughter Saskia, of the American bakeries Sugar e Spice in Florence. I came across your blog where you listed us for bagels in Florence and I wanted to thank you for mentioning us. We make our own bagels and toast them express . We do not use lard at all !I hope to meet you personally in one of our shops so you can see our other goodies..I am in our shop in Via dei Servi 43 /r on Wednsdays, other days in Borgo la Croce 15/r. Thank you
    A presto,
    Masha and Saskia of Sugar e Spice bakery
    PS I presume the baby I see in the blog is your child, Complimenti !
    What a beautiful baby!

    1. Ciao Masha & Saskia! Two thumbs up for no lard use! Yes, we will definitely stop by Sugar & Spice. We would love to meet you and honestly, who can resist delicious bagels & goodies! As soon as we are back to eating bread in April, we will be there! PS Grazie mille! Yes, that is our baby girl (: and she is just as excited to come by for some bagel eating.

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