Julienne’s Top 10 Books for Toddlers

Not now mom, I'm reading...

Not now mom… I’m reading.

Julienne’s Picks

Here is a list of Julienne’s Top 10 Books for toddlers in order of her own personal preference (which shifts daily):

  1. My Friends by Taro Gomi We bought the 3 book set and she loves all three. In this particular one, it is super fun to act out the various friends. Ie: when you read my friend the cat (you can say meow meow), my friend the birds (make a few whistling noises), the karate chopping gorilla (say with a kicking motion, hiYA)… it really makes the book more interactive and fun. I learned this trick from Chelsea!
  2. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? We had this one before Julienne was even born and she still loves it two years later.
  3. Night-night, Little Pookie I love this one. Don’t worry my love extends beyond the fact that it is about a pig. At the end, the mommy pig kisses baby Pookie in three places while saying good night. This has become our own little bedtime routine. Very cute. I love Sandra Boynton.
  4. The Going to Bed Book Since we got this book after Night Night, little Pookie, the same character shows up in this book. We had fun finding Pookie in the various scenes… kinda like Where’s Waldo.
  5. First 100 Words This book is a great book to look at together and talk about all the different objects. Super simple illustrations and they get right to the point. Julienne can go through each page several times and it never gets old.
  6. Disney Minnie Mouse 12 Book Block Set I am making this 12 book set count as one book. They are all very short and all very mini. Juli really loves them all. They were perfect to entertain her on our longhaul flight.
  7. Il piccolo bruco Maisazio (The hungry caterpillar) Pop-up version This pop-up book is fab-u-lous! I am afraid to read it too much in fear of ruining the beautiful book. It is that nice.
  8. Bus Stops These Taro Gomi illustrations are so unique and wonderful. Julienne really likes counting all the little people in the various scenes, especially the 10 ballplayers that get off the bus.
  9. Barbapapà. La cucina Okay, this book is in Italian but, I read the book in English, translating it as I go. ha! Don’t want to teach the kid poor Italian… now, do we? That’s why we have daddy! (: P.s. What is it about Barbapapà – why do children get so addicted?
  10. Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You: Dr. Suess’s Book of Wonderful Noises Juli was never into this book but, we recently pulled it back out and now she is obsessed. She tries to make all the sounds Mr. Brown makes – yea, which is obviously the point. She goes so far as to say moo rather than say cow while reading the 100 First Words book!

If you have toddler aged children, what books do they make you read over and over again?
Any favorites you want to share?

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    1. In my 1st draft, I wrote out all the thank yous… but, the text became so long writing thanks auntie and uncle over and over again! ha ha. Let’s also thank Liz & Yoshie! Getting books as gifts is really the best.

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