August the Best time to visit Italy?

02 August 2013 - Closed for the holidays

Chiuso per Ferie = Closed for Vacation

I cannot believe it is already August! Here in Italy, things start shutting down for the month of August – it’s European vacation time. People start heading to the beach every weekend and others plan exotic trips out of the country. So, when people ask me, if August is the best time to visit Italy…I say NO.

My reasons: 1) It is unbearably hot and Italy is not big on air conditioners…so, sweat and irritability are imminent. 2) Shops and restaurants may even be closed for days to weeks during this month. The city feels completely empty with everyone gone on holiday…unless, you are in the city center where businesses mainly stay open for tourists (possible holiday hours).

If you are planning a trip to Italy, I recommend coming before the peak tourist season and when the weather is more agreeable, April-May or September-November. However, if you are looking to shop ’til you drop, then I suggest you come in January or July where you can take advantage of the biannual sales!

01 August 2013 - Alghero Sardegna

Alghero, Sardegna

We like finding a soft plot of sandy beach or rocky shores, mostly spending our month relaxing with Davide’s family in Sardgena. Our countdown begins, twelve days until vacation in Sardegna and ten days until we see our Auntie Jenny! If you live in Florence and are still in town like we are…don’t you just love it – the streets are empty, hardly any traffic and you can always find a parking spot!  ;)

Happy Summer Vacation Everyone!

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