Seeoo Big Eyewear Collection

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We went to Ottica Figuccia (our favorite optical shop on via G. Orsini 92) to get my glasses fixed – yes, hoping beyond all hope that the damage caused by Julienne’s little hands could be repaired.

31 July 2013 - Seeoo Big Eyewear Collection

Seeoo Big Eyewear Collection

While I was waiting, I noticed on the counter these crazy cool glasses called Seeoo Big. I had never heard of them before and tried on a bunch of different colors (red, blue, black, white and tortoise) – they are fantastic! Lightweight with a super unique design and the vibrant colors just how I like them.

31 July 2013 - Seeoo Big Eyewear Collection

Seeoo Company

I did some digging when I got home and found out that the creativity behind this Seeoo Eyewear is an Austrian artisan Gerard Lansik. In 2010, they were awarded the Reddot Award for the Seeoo project and the originality of its presentation. I can see why! Check out the packaging and simple, yet modern design of these glasses. I am in love! I think I own way too many pairs of glasses at this point, but I think I could convince Davide to get a new pair, what do you think? He is more conservative, I think black would be best.

31 July 2013 - Seeoo Big Eyewear Collection
The artisan Gerald Lasnik says:

I found some of my Greatgrandfather’s old things in the attic! A pair of reading glasses and a pocket watch! I hurried to dust them-off and with a lot of love, I tried to re-create the meaning they had at that time! It was great to give life back to my dear ones, touch them again, feel them again. This…is Seeoo, affection, passion, cult for real things, beautiful things. Seeoo a unique way to be…unique and stay traditional.

What a great concept and design…if you are looking for new glasses, check your local optician’s to see if they have Seeoo Big in stock!

Yes, my glasses have been fixed…they can work miracles there at Ottica Figuccia!

+ Images courtesy of Seeoo Eyewear

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