Playing at the San Donato Park

03 July 2013 - Julienne at the Park Playing

Park Play time

I think I have to start taking Julienne to the park on a more regular basis. She has so much fun whenever we go and it’s so unfair to keep her cooped up inside the house because her mom detests hot weather (unless at the beach/pool). We were at San Donato Park in the Novoli area two weekends ago and although it was nice, there was zero shade…so, we left after 10 minutes (it was unbearable, I swear!).

03 July 2013 - Julienne at the Park Playing

Meeting friends

Even though we were only there for a short period of time, there isn’t a day that goes by where Julienne is not making a new friend. This sweet girl came over, started talking to Julienne and walked her around the park (dad tagged along too!).

What parks do you recommend going to in Florence?

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