Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence

16 July 2013 - Meyer pediatric hospital eating after blood exam

Blood exams for your little ones at Meyer Hospital

If you find yourself making an appointment at Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence for blood exams for your children, follow these simple steps to make sure you are not waiting there forever!

4 Simple Steps to Reduce your Wait time

    1. Call the Meyer CUP (Centro Unico Prenotazione) at +39 055-5662900 (Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm*) as soon as you can.
    2. Book the earliest appointment time which is usually at 8:00am.
    3. Arrive at the hospital on your appointment date no later than 7:30am (try to aim for 7:10am).
    4. Head to the Punto Prelievi department and get a number from the computerized ticket machine (choose Prelievo con Pren).

Depending on how busy it is, you will hopefully be out within the hour! If you book a later time or show up late, there is a high probability you may end up spending your whole day there with a very hungry baby**. Not pretty.

*Note: If you call in the afternoon, your name may not show up on their list (their computers are turned off in the afternoon) … make sure to tell them you booked the appointment in the afternoon and you should be okay.

16 July 2013 - Meyer pediatric hospital eating after blood exam

Hello there Nemo!

If you do find yourself waiting for awhile in the Punto Prelievo area, why not head upstairs to pass some time with the fish in the hospital’s large aquarium – Julienne was mesmerized by Nemo!

16 July 2013 - Meyer pediatric hospital eating after blood exam

Feed the monster

Right after her appointment, Juli downed the food we brought her in the car and then she ate part of my tuna sandwich and half of Davide’s brioche. No, she does not drink cappuccinos yet…she just likes stirring them! :)

**Note: Make sure your child is digiuno (without food) for 4 hours prior to the getting their blood drawn.

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