Little miss explorer at Parco dell’Albereta

17 July 2013 - Julienne plays Park Albereta17 July 2013 - Julienne plays Park Albereta

Parco dell’Albereta

We took a stroll over to Parco dell’Albereta this morning to get in our daily exercise which helps tire Juli out and makes nap time easier for mommy! This park eventually connects to the larger Parco dell’Anconella and you can find the entrance in Piazza Ravenna. Albereta park is nice because it sits along the Lungarno river and although you are very close to the street, you don’t hear the traffic noise.

17 July 2013 - Julienne plays Park Albereta

Let’s explore

Julienne loves putting her hands in the earth and looking at all the things she finds in the ground. What a good little explorer you are Juli!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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