Favorite Sandwich Shop in Florence

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I Due Fratellini 43.770602, 11.255633

Cheap Sandwiches in Florence

This is our favorite sandwich shop in Florence, I Due Fratellini on Via dei Cimatori 38/r, a hole in the wall spot with amazing quality and great prices.

05 July 2013 - I Fratellini Sandwich shop

Something for everyone

Their menu is varied and all sandwiches are €2.50 with a few priced at €3.00. Davide always orders prosciutto or lard (I know, lard!) and I always get the #7 (tuna, tomato, onion) – if I want to go all crazy, I switch out the onion for arugula! ha.

05 July 2013 - I Fratellini Sandwich shop

Bring your own seat

This is a takeaway sandwich shop, so if you don’t want to stand, bring your own seat! At any season, you will find lines out the door, but they are fast and friendly so waiting is not an issue.

Two thumbs up to I Due Fratellini, if you’re in Florence definitely stop by and go grab a sandwich!

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