Syma s107g remote controlled helicopter

25 June 2013 - Syma Remote Controlled Helicopter

Syma S107G

Father and daughter playing with the Syma S107G helicopter toy, who enjoys it more – tough one! Last year’s Christmas present from uncle Calvin, the most used toy in the house…to clarify, it was a present for Davide, not Julienne. It is one of his favorite toys – what is it with men and remote controlled gadgets?

25 June 2013 - Syma Remote Controlled Helicopter

Want one?

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2 thoughts on “Syma s107g remote controlled helicopter

  1. Uncle Calvin insists that he gives the best presents. This is more evidence to that effort. So glad that Juli and Davide love this gift so much!

    1. I might have to say he’s right. Her favorite toy might be the tractor he bought her for Christmas…ha ha. She still loves that toy!

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