Samba Mercerie in Florence

19 June 2013 - Samba Mercerie

Merceria = Haberdashery says that the translation of merceria is haberdashery. What a weird word! Let’s just make it simple, these merceria shops sell everything from buttons, ribbons, needles and sometimes fabric.

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Samba Mercerie Via S. Elisabetta, 10R, 50122 Firenze 43.771750, 11.256120

Samba Mercerie

In Florence, my favorite shop that has a vast array of buttons is Samba Merceria on Via S. Elisabetta, 10R – hidden away down a small alley street right across from the Hotel Brunelleschi.

19 June 2013 - Samba Mercerie

The selection is no M&J Trimming in NYC but, they have a great collection and the staff is very helpful.

19 June 2013 - Samba Mercerie

They also have other craft supplies such as ribbons, leather cords, needles, etc.

Tip: Change up the look of an old coat or sweater by swapping out the buttons…you’d be shocked at how different it will look.

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