Packed Brown sugar in italy

04 June 2013 - packed brown sugar

Packed brown sugar= Zucchero integrale di canna

For the longest time, I didn’t know where to find packed brown sugar in Italy. Try to use hand motions to describe the difference between regular and packed sugar. Major fail. So, for the folks who are having the same problem…packed brown sugar is called zucchero integrale di canna. I have seen one other kind at NaturaSì, but if you go into a larger supermarket you will almost always find this one by Altromercato.

At the Esselunga supermarket in Florence, you will see it at the head of an aisle, specifically dedicated to this brand and other bio products.

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8 thoughts on “Packed Brown sugar in italy

  1. I can’t thank you enough when I see this post. I recently moved to Italy and I have some recipe that requires packed brown sugar. None of my Italians friend know what it is and trying the explain to the staffs at supermarkets didn’t help either. Brava!

    1. I know! It took me so long to figure it out too. Every time I would ask someone, they would point me to the regular brown sugar, not the packed kind. Glad I could help! Where are you in Italy?

  2. HUZZAH!!! I just this second told a friend there’s no brown sugar in Italy, then I decided to google it for the hundredth time — and here you are! This is great to know! However, you’re in a city and I’m in a small coastal town (Piombino), and I don’t recall ever seeing this stuff in our stores. I wonder if I can find it online…?

    Nice to meet you, Jackie!

  3. Hi, Jackie! I realize this is an old post, but I was wondering if you know what corn syrup is here in Italy. I have a cookie recipe that calls for it. Thanks a lot!

    1. sciroppo di maiscorn syrup

      hi Stephanie! Corn syrup is called sciroppo di mais. If you are near a specialty organic store called NaturaSì they sell it in store or on their online shop. These are two other websites MyAmericanMarket and Tibiona another organic bio store where you can purchase sciroppo di mais online.

      What cookie recipe will you be baking? Something good??

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