Julienne’s First Masterpiece Food Art

27 June 2013 - Pasta Hand prints on the wall

Exploring Food Art

Julienne got real quiet…whenever there is silence, mischief is definitely close at hand. And hand, indeed…pasta covered ones. When I turned around to see about this silence, I saw her laying down just relaxing on her back, not a care in the world. I thought, oh you little angel let me take your picture, my cute and adorable baby. . . . .

27 June 2013 - Pasta Hand prints on the wall

Why are you crying little one?

Fast forward 5 minutes when her guilty conscience won out and she started to get upset. Then she proceeded to walk over to the wall and started pointing at various areas covered in something orange. Julienne with her pasta stained hands, had decided that the wall needed a bit of color – baby hand prints galore!

27 June 2013 - Pasta Hand prints on the wall

Master Geppetto in the house

I laughed so hard (inwardly) when I saw the wall, two reasons…1) my sister and I when we were little, stuck several slices of cheese along the entire wall of our living room (sorry mom!) and 2) why get upset when you have an obsessed painter in the house. Davide is constantly repainting parts of the wall that get slightly dirty – obsessively trying to keep it all white! Just like I imagined, when I told him what Julienne had done, he said, “Oh I have been wanting to repaint that area anyway”. So, no worries Julienne, you really are just like your mommy! : )

Do you have any funny family food art stories – please share!

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